Week 2 results

This week I had the opportunity to resolve a much vexed question in the medical science of weight loss. Can a person consume approximately two bottles of champagne at a wedding and subsequently devour an entire deep pan supreme pizza and still lose weight that week?

Well, hold the phone, it turns out you can’t. I gained 300 grams in Week 2, following my loss of 1.5 kilograms in Week 1.

Week 2 starting weight: 73.2 kilograms

Week 2 finishing weight: 73.5 kilograms

Here are the numbers… (hello day 12!)

Week 2 Calorie Chart

Day Basal requirement Food Intake Food deficit Exercise Burn
8 1800 1502 298 796
9 1800 1530 270 820
10 1800 1535 265 0
11 1800 1743 57 0
12 1800 4300 -2500 502
13 1800 1675 125 0
14 1800 1610 190 0
Total 12600 13895 -1295 2118

Calorie deficit needed to lose 1 kilogram of fat = 7,500

Food calorie deficit + Exercise Burn = Weekly calorie deficit

-1295 + 2118 = 825 weekly calorie deficit.

Equation predicts I should have lost 110 grams of fat. I gained 300 grams total weight.

Now don’t get me started on the food processing chamber again, but it’s fair to say that such a major blow out on crap food and (admittedly quite fine) wine is going to produce a one off effect. I’ve since dropped back down to 73.0 kilograms.

So the results of my equation are lumpy, as indeed, are my thighs.

Combining weeks 1 and 2, the equation predicts I should have lost 738 grams of fat in the two weeks. The scales showed I was down 1.2 kilograms total weight.

Observations from the week:

It’s not how hard you fall, but how quickly you get back up again, that matters. I haven’t once beaten myself up for eating the pizza or drinking the wine. It was two dear friends’ wedding. I had A LOT of fun. I’m not into guilt trips. It is what it is. Add it to the spreadsheet and get back on it.

-Exercising more regularly not only creates more laundry, but you also seem to spend half your days in the shower!

-Eventually, one tires of the dulcet tones of Tom Cruise belting out 1980s glam rock songs and one must do the only thing one can do – start listening to Glee again during work out sessions. Highly effective. Recommend.

Absolutely no street cred at all when it comes to workout music…

Meal highlight of the week:

Not the pizza! But, interestingly, deciding when out of town that the healthiest, calorie controlled meal I could access was a ham and cheese toasted sandwich at McDonalds. 311 calories for sandwich, plus 2 calories for long black coffee. Calorie labeling at fast food outlets is incredibly informative.

Could be any cafe in the world…

Exercise highlight of the week:

Googling the nearest gym to where we were staying out of town for the wedding. Going to said gym and smashing 502 calories the morning of the wedding and hitting my exercise target of 2000 calories for the week.

You can’t beat the feeling of achievement!

Until next week!


7 responses to “Week 2 results

  1. Great blog! Loving your message about not beating yourself up over having a crappy food day….just jump back on your wagon and keep going!

    I got sick of listening to music while working out. I can highly recommend listening to podcasts, especially Jillian Michaels podcast. Super interesting and super entertaining!!

    Look forward to following your journey! Scariest part of your blog entry is the count down to Budget night!!! No need to state where I work!

    • Thanks Sunce! Will definitely check out Jillian Michaels podcasts. All these fitness gurus have their foibles, but its good to get info from lotsa sources.
      So you are super psyched about the budget too…! I’m presuming from the other side of the fence 🙂 have fun

  2. Hey,

    So Scientists (like my former research group) have actually assessed the accuracy of the energy in – energy out = BMI change equation. It isn’t very accurate. It generally tends to overestimate weight gain from caloric excess and…. well, I forget what it does in a caloric deficit. 🙂 But, just FYI, it is a great rule of thumb, but you can’t set your watch by it (or your belt loop 🙂 ).

    • Hey! Yes, I’m using myself as a guinea pig to test the same idea! We’ll see where it ends up in 18 weeks…I would love to read some of the research if it has been written up anywhere?

  3. Hi Jess – good luck with the experiment. I’m doing a similar one – using the simulator Lekki referenced above as a guide, and calorieking.com.au to record it all. I think I need a heart rate monitor though to more accurately count my calories burned. What do you think of yours?
    By the way – you looked great on the Drum the other night!

    • Hi Niki. Thanks! Let me know how you get on with the calorie counting. The heart rate monitor I have is the Polar FT4 and I’m very happy with it (albeit its a bit annoying to have to wear the chest strap- but you get used to it). For a non-exercise-enthusiast, the idea of measuring and counting calories burned is the only thing that gets me to the gym. Best wishes with it all

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